Welcome to Santa Fe Farm…

Researchers from UK Universities visit Santa Fe Farm

A team of researchers from the Universities of Heriot Watt Edinburgh, Newcastle and Durham in the UK spent some time at the Santa Fe Farm during a recent working visit to the Rupununi.  

The visit by the team of researchers was intended to initiate the first foundation steps on a sustained route out of degraded livelihoods by providing the infrastructure, skills and knowledge to test and maintain healthy soils and water in the Rupununi region where large scale agriculture is in its infancy.

The researchers have been collaborating with Iwokrama for over 10 years.

Soils, river and ground water samples were collected and analyzed in a mobile lab. The field work started after the 2019 wet season. This pilot project provided an assessment of nutrients presence and concentration in the soils and water of the Santa Fe area.

Initial results have shown the waters at Santa Fe to be pure and clean.

Staff of Santa Fe were also trained in the use of portable field equipment to measure nutrients.

Guyana is of global significance as part of the Amazonias outstanding biodiversity, ecosystem services food supply and climate feedbacks. 

Santa Fe is pleased to be a part of this project and shares in the responsibility to manage the land in an environmentally friendly and sustainable manner. 

Aerial Views of Santa Fe Farm

Water Testing Training